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   Jul 05

Dudley Canal Trust

Dudley Canal Trust and Green Team have a wonderful partnership.  We work together to improve the environment at Todds End, Birmingham New Rd, at The Pumphouse, Peartree Lane and along the No 2 Canal leading to Bumble Hole Visitor Centre. As valued Volunteers we are very much part of the whole team, encouraged and supported by June Hodgetts, Di Griffin, the staff at he trips company and the Dudley Canal Trust members. Our volunteer work has included:

Building of Otter Holt in partnership with Groundworks and Dudley Canal Trust.

Building of large planters in Limestone caves

Plants grown at our Allotment, provided tubs and baskets at Todds End. to welcome the Olympic Torch as it passed from Dudley Canal Trust, by barge, to BCLM.

Building and planting rockeries at the front entrance at Todds End.

Cleaning and repainting sculptures on the Dudley No 2 Canal.

Dudley Canal Trust Trips at Todds End.


Dudley Canal Trust and Green Team Office

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