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   Jul 05

Social Activities

Green Team supports its customers to discuss, plan and participate in a whole range of social activities. The majority of our activities take part in the local community with customers enjoying visiting and inclusively using recreational and educational facilities. We support customers to learn social, communication and life skills while taking part in enjoyable  real life activities. Green Team support customers to use local transport and also have the use of our fantastic minibus FLO which enables them to do activities further afield and also allows our customers enough time to get the maximum time and benefits from certain activities and venues. Our social activities have included, Ten Pin Bowling, Cinema trips, walks in parks, shopping in all local Towns,going to pubs, restaurants, museums, tram rides, train rides, canal boat trips, craft courses, many sporting activities, visiting other micro providers, fruit picking, car boot sales(buying and selling). This list has been chosen and planned by our customers with our support and will continue to become more diverse in line with our customers wishes, aims, needs and aspirations.  We have recently achieved one of our customers personal aims of riding a bike, where we aquired a tandem.  This inspired others within our group and the activity was experienced by most of our customers.

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